Fick tips om Ludvig Sunströms bloggpost 11 Types of People to Avoid och den var så himla bra att jag måste tipsa om den.

None of these types of people are worth your time or talent:

1) People who are all talk and no walk.

2) People who don’t keep their word.

3) People who find faults and get hung up on minor details, instead of trying to make progress or reach the goal.

4) People who consistently procrastinate stuff, or invent excuses for failing.

5) People who (repeatedly) don’t respect your time. Don’t wait longer than 15 minutes for anyone. 

6) People who are negative, pessimistic, or unintelligent–and try to drag you down to their level (to feel better about their insignificance).

7) People who are lazy and have no ambition.

8) People who can’t think for themselves and don’t have any own opinions.

9) People who don’t have any hobbies outside of watching TV, partying, and similar such loser-B.S.

10) People who “inspire” you to bad behavior.

11) People who are of no use–and don’t add any value, joy, or knowledge.

Även Dave Asprey skriver mycket om ämnet ovan: surround yourself with great people and you’re much more likely to be great yourself! “Imagine living with a couple not-so-healthy roommates. They offer you some of their pizza every night and ask you to go drinking with them on the weekends. Now imagine that your roommates wake you up at 9 AM and ask if you want to hit the meditation studio with them – followed by a cup of Bulletproof Coffee, of course. Which scenario is going to lead to a better you?”


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