Whatever the mind is perceiving, the brain will take that picture and break it down into complimentary chemistry. If you are looking at the world and you see joy and happiness, then the brain will take joy and happiness into chemistry, such as dopamine pleasure, and put this into your blood. Why is it relevant? Because the chemistry of love and joy is a chemistry of health, and happiness, and growth.

Yet the same person could look at the world and be afraid and have fear. What’s the consequences? Well, that love chemistry and happiness chemistry is not going to be coming out of a brain that’s interpreting fear. It will release stress hormones and inflammatory agents. The blood chemistry, which is the culture medium, changes in regard to what mind picture we have.

In other words, how do you interpret the world? If you interpret it in a very positive way, you release chemistry that enhances growth, but if you are afraid, or nervous, or in fear about the world, then you secrete chemistry that puts you in a protection. Well, this is profound for this reason. Growth, by definition, is being open. Take things in, assimilate, that’s how you grow. Growth is open. Protection is closed. You can’t be in growth and protection at the same time. You say, “Yeah, but do I need to be in growth, I’m old?.” “Yes, every day you have to replace hundreds of billions of cells.”

Lyssna på resten av intervjun med Bruce Lipton här. Epigenetik, stamceller, tankens kraft och mycket annat spännande!



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